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The Foundation

The everis foundation was founded with the commitment to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and encourage people's talent

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Encourage entrepreneurship in society and promote innovation are the objectives that drive the activity of the everis foundation. We develop activities in diferent areas intended to promote the development of people and maximize talent as a drive for society.

The Award

As every year the everis Foundation launches its annual competition for entrepreneurs. If you have an business project and believe that it can help improve any of these three areas, apply and you can be the winner of the 2018 everis Awards.

New business models in the digital economy

Biotechnology and health

Industry and energy technologies

Everis awards

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Finalists and winners 2017

In this edition the finalists were: Category of Industry and Energy: Ampere Energy and Bioo. In the category of Biotechnology and Health: UNTECH and Exogenus Therapeutics and finally, in the category of Digital Economy: SITUM and Visualfy.

The everis foundation has granted the 2016 everis Award (60.000€) to Exogenus Therapeutics, a Portuguese biotechnology company geared towards the pre-clinical and clinical development of stem-cell therapies applied to regenerative medicine. Moreover, they are developing their first product, Exo-Wound, for the treatment of chronic lesions that affect more than 75 million people around the world, and of which 70% cannot be cured with standard care.

Also the jury grant an award of €20,000 to the Galician project Situm, a high-precision indoor positioning system for smartphones with very low withdrawal costs.

Supporting entrepreneurs and the development of innovation in any field have been the motivations that have driven the work of the everis foundation since its creation in 2001.

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