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The everis foundation was founded with the commitment to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and encourage people's talent

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Encourage entrepreneurship in society and promote innovation are the objectives that drive the activity of the everis foundation. We develop activities in diferent areas intended to promote the development of people and maximize talent as a drive for society.

everis Award

Este año, los Premios everis traen una novedad: buscamos al ganador español para que compita en la XVIII edición del Premio everis Global.
Buscamos proyectos basados en innovación tecnológica de alto impacto, que mejoren la calidad de vida de las personas y que generen un impacto transformador y positivo en la sociedad.

3 categorías:

New business models in the digital economy

Biotechnology and health

Industry technologies

Global everis awards

Finalists and winners 2018

The jury of the everis foundation has awarded the 2018's everis Award to NaviLens, a solution to increase autonomy, social inclusion and quality of life of the visually impaired people. It helps people with visual disabilities to improve their ability to get around independently when in unfamiliar places.

Finalist event

In this edition, we have received about 1,000 projects from 20 countries. These are the finalists, all of them Spanish projects: Alén Space, Echophone, FoxID and VEnvirotech.

In addition, an accesit has been awarded to MJN Neuroserveis, a device shaped as a unique earpiece for predicting epilepsy crises before they occur. It can also help improving the monitoring of diseases such as schizophrenia, ictus or Parkinson’s.

Supporting entrepreneurs and the development of innovation in any field have been the motivations that have driven the work of the everis foundation since its creation in 2001.

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